1. Name Fimmvörðuháls
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 20 km, 12 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 2 Tage
  4. Anfang von Wanderweg Skógar
  5. Ende von Wanderweg Þórsmörk
  6. Traildino Schwierigkeit EW, Leichte Wanderung, Naturwanderweg


The popular Laugavegur path ends (or starts) in Þórsmörk. There is an option of continuing from there to the village of Skógar on the south coast. A cabin, Fimmvörðuháls, divides this marked trail into a two-day hike.

In spring of 2010, the volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajökull glacier erupted. You will probably have noted this ;-) This eruption took place right next to the footpath. The whole area was closed for several months, but already in the summer of 2010, the trail was reopened. The actual path to Skógar had been buried under ashes and lava. They restored everything, life turned normal again, and you can have a splendid walk alongside a sleeping monster.

According to experts, there is also a chance that the nearby volcano Katla, asleep beneath the even larger glacier Mýrdalsjökull, will soon burst. If so, this will be a major catastrophe, worse than the 2010 eruption.

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Fimmvörðuháls, 23km
Fimmvörðuháls, 23km
Skogar - Fimmvörðuháls - Þorsmörk, 23km


Bewertung 10.0 | 1 Bewertung(en) | Nr. 1 in Island
  • dirkpieter Juni 2017
  • Bewertung 10
  • Positiv Great and quite tough hike in a lot of snow (- early season), with great views and superb waterfalls!!
  • Negativ The wind was stormlike (sometimes dangerous) but the landscape was nevertheless great!!
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